We would like to share this Social Story with all of you that can be read to your children.

What is a Social Story?

Social Stories are a social learning tool that supports the safe and meaningful exchange of information between parents, professionals, and people with additional needs of all ages.

It describes a context, skills, achievement, or concept that will help the person to understand, in a descriptive and meaningful way, a social situation that could be, sometimes, overwhelming.It provides children with the social and emotional skills to be able to interact in that situation. You can find Social Stories describing multiple scenarios, for instance, “Going to the hospital” or “At the airport”.

Researches have shown that this activity significantly reduces the level of anxiety in children with additional needs that live these experiences for the first time.We would like to share this Social Story in relation to the current situation we are living, and we hope it helps your children in understanding what is going on. Please, we would like to hear some feedback from you so share it with us!