On Monday, Kellie and Denisa were working on delevoping our room to give children the best experience whe coming to our service. We want to tell you that we miss you and we look forward to see your beautiful faces. We would like to inform you that we place a special emphasis on the importance of organizing an environment that stimulates all areas of development. Motor development, expressive and receptive language development – so important at this age – development of creativity and expressive arts and our senses, are reinforced through new and interactive materials. In the coming months, we will continue to develop these areas, we will encourage children to explore new objects and leraning experiences, we will learn new ways of relating to those around (encouraging positive behaviors, social stories, theater). Because we want you to enjoy quality time with your children, we encourage you to follow a routine, have fun with your child doing fun activities, that also help them develop beautifully and learn.  Make your own sensory bottles (you can use glitter, beads, sparkles). https://preschoolinspirations.com/how-to-make-a-perfect-se…/  Play dough (flour, cocoa or food coloring and a little water, and you will have hours of fun). https://www.iheartnaptime.net/play-dough-recipe/  Social stories, books and flashcards (we love books with witches and dinosaurs)  We all have different spices in our kitchen. You can try to smell them with your child, try to name the simple ones and why not, explore them .  Songs and games – we can develop the language of the little ones by singing together, songs containing animal sounds, songs that involve movement.

  1. For the month of March we were going to introduce our new season, Spring. You can continue their learning at home by: • Talking and showing pictures of spring animals • Planting seeds and looking after plants. Describe how plants grow and what do they need to do so. • Going on a bug hunt and see how many creepy crawlies can you find in your garden. • Colouring and painting farm animals • Playing at the farm • Get some plastic animals and get them in some mud. Children will have a great time washing them and making them look nice and clean. • Show children videos of different animals life cycles such as frogs and butterflies. • Our children love the song Old McDonald had a farm and Mary had a little lamb sing it with them to develop and encourage the use of language. • Colour of the month: green • Shape of the month: circle