Yoga was developed over 5.000 years ago; it is an activity that still lives close to the natural world. Today this activity is still used for inspiration. When children are giving opportunity to engage in yoga they imitate the movements and sounds of nature. Allowing children to make the connection with nature through yoga, supports them in their emotional development which helps them to regulate their own emotions.

Yoga helps with the development of skills for children such as gross motor, relaxation, and inner fulfilment. Yoga helps children to navigate through life’s challenges with a little more simplicity. When children engage in yoga at an early age it helps build self-esteem and body awareness. It allows children to be active in a physical activity which is non- competitive. Yoga helps to develop cooperation and compassion.

Yoga physically improves children’s flexibility, strength, and co-ordination. It also helps to develop children’s concentration, and a sense of calmness. Engaging with yoga encourages children to be curious and explore their environment and connect deeper with their inner self.